Humble Your


Humble Your Grumble

If you are hangry or even just hungry, humble your grumble with a delicious 9 Slice Pizza from The Dark Kitchen.

The dark kitchen concept is taking the restaurant world by storm, and launched recently in Jozi for the first time, spearheaded by veteran restaurateur Larry Hodes, owner of Arbour Café and Voodoo Lily.

The concept is known around the world as a virtual kitchen, cloud kitchen, and delivery-only restaurant. Johannesburg’s The Dark Kitchen is set to provide at-home diners with an innovative new offering.

The quirky ghost restaurant, hidden somewhere in the northern suburbs, will only be accessible online or by phone – so don’t expect to be seated and served!

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The only 9th slice pizza in the world.

Pizza’s have eight slices for you and your friends to enjoy, but sometimes you have that one uninvited guest or that one friend who loves pizza a little more than you do.

The 9th slice is perfect for the snack box for work in the morning, the walk of shame snack, the slice for the uninvited uncle no one speaks about. You deserve that 9th slice to guarantee you humble your grumble. No one wants to be left hangry.



We offer a cuisine that will Humble your Grumble from Pizzas to Burgers and decadent Desserts.

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Best of both worlds without borders. LETS MAKE FOOD GREAT AGAIN!

Tex-mex is a cuisine that will Humble your Grumble from Mexico to USA, combining the best fusion from Taco’s, quesadilla’s to hunger busting burgers and finger licking ribs.

Tex-Mex receives the affection and respect from any salad lover who’s concerned with the moments on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.

The French Café

Let's get your French on.

French-inspired café and crêperie menu priding itself on delicious and wholesome food, sourced from the freshest ingredients. Famous for our gluten-free, buckwheat galettes (savoury French pancakes) and delicious crepes.

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Your gateway to delicious Pizza

Food at your fingertips with everything in one place, all you need for hangry or hungry needs.

How It All


The process starts with a simple craving for really good Pizza, TexMex or French meal.

View our menu online and pick your favourite meal that will help with that craving.

Place your order either by calling us on 010 900 3703, our online ordering system, Uber Eats or Mr Delivery. Our fleet of Dark Scooters are ready to deliver to your door.

Your gourmet meal will be crafted in the mystery location and will be delivered to your door.


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